A PHYSICAL RING in “Spectres, Waves and Modulations” at Oboro, Montréal, Canada

February 3, 2018 - February 23, 2018

Mika Taanila’s found footage film A Physical Ring (2002) is screened in OBORO, A centre dedicated to production and presentation of art, contemporary practices and new media, in Montréal from 3–23February 2018 , in the exhibition “Spectres, Waves and Modulations”.

Spectres, ondes et modulations is a collaboration between artist Martine H. Crispo and curator Nicole Gingras. The exhibition Fantaisie optophonique emerges from an exchange between the two women dating back to the artist’s first exploration with visualized sound. It features an original installation by Martine H. Crispo with a selection of films and videos in the adjacent gallery drawing on a range of optic and acoustic  phenomena by artists and filmmakers.


A Physical Ring