January 1, 1970

“The vacuum robots in the performance titled I Might Be Stuck by Mika Taanila are almost the closest thing to a human consciousness. It is at their height that we rediscover the cinema, in other words at ground level. The device, which consists in projecting in real time on the screen the images captured by the two characters engaged in their domestic ballet (feet of the spectators, corners of the room, central aisle), also encourages the spectator to look down – which never happens in a traditional screening –since part of the film takes place there. The dialogue between the two robots and the device that seems to be their supervisor obviously contributes to creating an effect that is both comic and profound.”

– Écran Noir, May 16, 2022



Selected screenings:

Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2022

Doclisboa 2023

Zwei Tage Strom, Filmpodium Zurich, 2024