Black and White Movies

January 1, 1970

These photograms are remnants of old VHS movies that had accumulated on my bookshelf over the years: TV recordings, fourth-generation copies taped by friends, mail-order rarities. All are inspired by violent sequences that had lingered in my mind. If the original film showed someone torturing a prisoner by scorching his chest with a blowtorch, I proceeded to do the same to the VHS cassette. If the hero smashed his head against a rock, I too would smash the tape with a rock. Next I gathered up the smashed pieces, scattered the plastic and metal debris across photo paper, and exposed it in a darkroom without a camera. Each photogram is named after the original film. (MT / translation: Silja Kudel)

  • Strait-Jacket
  • Sommerlek (Summer Interlude)
  • Kiss Me Deadly
  • Le feu follet (The Fire Within)
  • Häxan (Witchcraft through the Ages)
  • White Heat
  • Kahdeksan surmanluotia (Eight Deadly Shots)
  • Les yeux sans visage (Eyes Without a Face)
  • The Incredible Shrinking Man
  • Kid Speed a.k.a. The Four-Wheeled Terror 
  • Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!
  • La Haine (Hate)
  • Le Peau douce (The Soft Skin)
  • Honeymoon Killers
  • Roma, città aperta (Rome, Open City)
  • Out of the Past

All works are based on black & white movies from 1924-1995 recorded on VHS home video cassettes, then destroyed and reworked as photograms.

Photo book “Black and White Movies” published by Luova in 2018.


Selected shows:

  • Damage/Control, Padiglione de l’Esprit Nouveau, Bologna,  2020
  • Partial Head Clog, La Neomudéjar, Madrid, Spain, 2018
  • Cleaning Tapes, Konsthallen, Sandviken, Sweden, 2017
  • Memoria esterna, Artopia Rita Urso, Milan, Italy, 2017
  • Action Films, balzer projects, Switzerland, 2016
  • Blackout, Hämeenlinna Art Museum, Finland 2015–2016
  • Post Script, de Gouvernestraat, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2014
  • Aikakoneita – Time Machines, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland, 2013
  • Tomorrow’s New Dawn, Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, USA, 2013