Scratch Collection 2023 in Paris

October 3, 2023 - November 21, 2023

Scratch Collection 2023 programmed by Mika Taanila


Light Cone presents the third edition of Scratch Collection, a journey through our catalogue of 6,500 films whose goal is to draw up a great world atlas of experimental cinema and reaffirm Light Cone as an evolving and thriving collection.

Light Cone entrusts the programming of this screening series to a guest (film historian, curator, programmer, filmmaker) who undertakes a residency in order to revisit the history of experimental cinema by exploring this exceptional collection; without any encyclopaedic pretension, since it is not a question of creating an anthology of classics, the programmer-in-residence is invited to take a fresh and personal look at Light Cone’s film catalog, marked by her or his own subjectivity – including possible lapses and obsessions… Each edition is thus a rediscovery of a film collection in perpetual evolution.

The 2023 Scratch Collection screenings will take place at the Luminor Hôtel de Ville(Paris 4th) in addition to our monthly Scratch Projection screenings, our biennial Scratch Expanded evening at the Voûtes (Paris 13th), an event dedicated to expanded cinema forms. The closing night will take place at the Berthelot Theater in Montreuil, in collaboration with Les Instants Chavirés.

We have entrusted the programming of this third edition to Mika Taanila, filmmaker and artist from Helsinki who works on the edge of experimental cinema, documentary film and video art.

– Light Cone