Man and Science

January 1, 1970

This ready-made film is a discarded film fragment I found in a dustbin, a relic from a time before the advent of computer-programmed TV. In 1978, Nobel Science Prize winners Pjotr Kapitsa, Arno Penzias, Hamilton O. Smith, Peter D. Mitchell and Werner Arber were filmed in a Stockholm TV studio talking with Bengt Feldreich about fossil fuels, nuclear reactors, genetics, the nature of time and symmetry. My version is a flicker film comprised solely of the Finnish subtitles that were played during the original broadcast. The film runs in a rapid loop, emulating the effect of a Tibetan prayer wheel.  (MT / translation: Silja Kudel)

selected exhibitions or screenings:

  • Film Reader, Ars Nova, Turku, Finalnd, 2022-23
  • Message to Man, Cinema Aurora, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2019
  • Kommandona, Pekilo, Mänttä Art Festival, Finland 2016
  • Blackout, Hämeenlinna Art Museum, Finland 2015–2016
  • Script Films, ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, Karlsruhe, Germany 2013
  • Rappiotaiteen festivaali – Festival of Degenerate Art, Astoria-sali, Helsinki, 2011

Man and Science. Photos: Marko Marin in Mänttä 2016