The World / The Earth Who Fell to Man

January 1, 1970

The Man Who Fell to Earth evacuated and flipped. In abandoned landscapes, animals, furniture and empty vehicles are left awaiting for disaster. ”We must have died alone, a long long time ago.” (D.B.)

The concept appears in two different forms: The World is a short film for a cinema screen, whereas The Earth Who Fell to Man is a single-channel video installation. They both use the same source material and reductionist approach. The difference between the two incarnations of the project is their structure and order in the narrative flow of images. The World has a beginning, middle part and an ending. TEWFTM can be watched as at any given random point.

link to trailer of The World

link to trailer of The Earth Who Fell to Man

The World / The Earth Who Fell to Man (2017)

Selected screenings for The World:

  • Tampere Film Festival, 2018
  • IFFR Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2017
  • CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017
  • Ei tätä päivää, WHS Union, Helsinki, Finland 2017
  • Midnight Sun FF, Sodankylä, Finland, 2017


Selected screenings for TEWHTM:

  • “The End”, STUK, Leuven, Belgium, 2018
  • “Cleaning Tapes”, Sandviken Konsthall, Sweden, 2017
  • balzer projects, Basel, Switzerland, 2017
  • Salon Dahlmann, Berlin, Germany, 2017
  • tape/basel, Switzerland, 2017