Three miniature films / Oi maamme!

January 1, 1970

Three short archive collage films commissioned by Yle kulttuuri ja viihde “Oi maamme!” project , as part of Finland’s celebration of 100 years of independence.


Sad Song of the Hard-Edge Transition Wipe Markers (Teräväreunaisten siirtymämerkkien surullinen laulu) b&w, dur. 3’21”

Early 1950s newsreel laboratory marker films used for indicating effects like wipes, dissolves and fade-outs in the work print, now freed from their utilitarian practice.

Sad Song of the Hard-Edge Transition Wipe Markers (2017)


Delay of Game (Pelin viivyttäminen) anaglyph 3D, col, dur. 5’04”

Nocturnal outdoor ice-hockey match revisited. On Thursday, January 14th, 1954 the weather in Helsinki was mild, only minus two degrees centigrade.

Delay of Game (2017)


Branches (Oksat) anaglyph 3D, col, dur. 6’07”

Helsinki in four shots, four locations, accompanied by four tape loops.

Branches (2017)


Producer: Minna Lindroos / Yle kulttuuri ja viihde

Commissioner: Harto Hänninen

Sound design: Olli Huhtanen

Director, editor, music: Mika Taanila

Co-script for Branches: Jussi Eerola

DCPs: Teijo Pellinen / Kinokki

Supported by AVEK / Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo